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Why Should Businesses Avail AI Chatbot Services in an Age of E-Commerce?

In this modern era, the best way to boost revenue levels is to take your business online. People these days prefer to shop their desired products online, as they don’t want to leave their comfort zone and search for products in the market.

Businesses are au fait with this factor, and thereby looking to putting their best foot forward to establish themselves in the e-commerce world, driven by chatbots. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend that online shoppers will try to chat with a company on its website if the need for customer support arises.

If industry reports are anything to go by, 79% of customers prefer to avail desired resolutions through live chat. This large pile of queries on the website is best served through customer service chatbots.

There was a time when the voice channel was the first choice of customers seeking assistance, but the tables have turned as digital service mediums are grabbing attention due to their low response and resolution time by using live chat and chatbots

Therefore, customers expect delivery of preeminent solutions as soon as they send a service request online. Here, having AI chatbots in customer service operations could be fruitful, because bots driven by Artificial Intelligence not only save you a significant amount of money compared to live chat, but also aid in surpassing customer expectations.

For unrivaled AI chatbot services, you can trust Onlinesolutionweb. We have been providing AI chatbot services since they arrived on the customer support scene, therefore, we are a crackerjack in this field.

Business owners shouldn’t take their chances when it comes to chatbots integration, as rendering poor support service online could make a thundering negative impact on sales growth.

According to a study by FurstPerson, 77% of customers don’t do business with those companies that don’t offer live chat support service.

A report by ICMI has stated that customers who engage with a company through chat or other online means are worth 4.5 times more than ones that don’t

According to the words of Forrester, businesses that offer chatbot solutions witness their profit levels increase by 48%.

So, if you don’t want to see dwindling business growth, avail AI chatbot services from Onlinesolutionweb right away!

Are Customers OK with Live Chat Support Services Provided by AI Chatbots?

Ok? Customers love to be assisted by AI chatbots. Here are some stats that will tell you about the same:

  • 95%
    of customers believe chatbots build better live chat support experience
  • 64%
    of Americans believe 24/7 service is an exceptional feature of chatbots
  • 57%
    of customers like to be assisted by chatbots due to immediacy.
  • 55%
    of customers say positive words about those brands that have chatbots to resolve queries.
  • 40%
    of customers don’t seek a human response when chatbots are there to assist.
  • 27%
    of US customers believe chatbots act as a catalyst while making a buying decision.

These stats should be enough to understand that delivering unparalleled chatbot solutions is the key to winning customers’ hearts. Want to partner with an established chatbot service provider? Onlinesolutionweb, with awesome live chat support agents in the form of chatbots, can become your ideal partner!

Why Choose Onlinesolutionweb as an AI Chatbot Service Provider?

By joining hands with Onlinesolutionweb, you can easily stay focused on your core competencies, as your customers will be in capable hands. Albeit customer support chatbots offer great help during customer service interactions, it doesn’t mean that we will let just any machine or software handle incoming support requests. Our chatbots are precision-trained to be excellent support agents.

We always make certain that customers bid adieu to our chatbots after a pleasant service experience. For the same, we have both AI-powered chatbots for direct customer service and a large pool of support agents working in collaboration. By doing this, we not only make our chatbot services more preferable, but also ensure our clients enjoy positive WOMM (word-of-mouth marketing) for our polite chatbots!

Critical Response to Chatbot Experience

A chatbot is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which is capable enough to take decisions and chat on behalf of an organization without any need for human intervention.

Chatbots regulate the flow of services from the end of an organization to the customer through the digitalized medium of audio and text, implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) for analyzing the matter of concern.

According to the reports of HubSpot, there are more than 5 billion registered and active users on various messaging applications that are available on the Apple app store and Google play store.

Therefore, in order to manage the crowd through satisfactory resolutions, the organizations are installing predictive methodology as AI-based chatbots, with the benefits of advanced solutions and minimal risk factor along with lower cost incurred.

Major Specifications of Chatbot

  • In the year 2018, according to the reports of The State of Chatbot, 64% of online customer quoted that the best feature of a chatbot is its 24*7 customer service.
  • According to the quotations of Outgrow, chatbot bolsters savings by upto the 30% of customer support cost.
  • In the year 2018, according to the reports of The State of Chatbot, it is believed by 37% recipients that chatbot is capable enough to cater responsive solutions by its feature of prediction for quick solutions in times of emergency.
  • In the year 2018, according to the stats of G2’s Facebook Chatbots Guide, the businesses with live chats or chatbot software registered a satisfaction (CSAT/CX) rate of 73%.

Quests for Chatbot vs Application

The advancement of AI-based chatbots in the structure of businesses has raised brows to create comparison amidst the chatbot and application for the purpose of restoration of a business’s core value in the favour of revenue generation.

Let’s discuss the major quest that the regular customer witnesses in the roadmap to success with the implementation of Chatbot and Application.

Does Chatbot offer Comprehensive Service of 24 Hours for Connecting with the Business?

According to the report of Chatbots life, 2019, the topmost business sectors ruling the belvedere with recognized services of a chatbot are real estate, hospitals, finance, education and travel.

Also, these sectors are believed to cater to the customer in a more productive and informative way. The chatbot eliminates the need for physical executives at another end of the screen to deliver a resolution through predictive instinct as a comparison to the application’s assistance. indicates a report of 2018 quoting the statement that 40% of millennials communicate with a chatbot on a daily basis for propagating businesses.

Thus, according to The State of Chatbot, a collaborative report by Drift, Audience, Salesforce and Myclever gives the comprehensive image for 24-hour customer support service in an illustrative manner via the chatbot.

Do Chatbots Act as A Helping Hand in Cutting Down Operational Cost, in Comparison to Application?

According to the reports of Chatbots Life, it is estimated that around 265 billion customer requests are registered per year. To meet the customer’s obligations, businesses are spending the huge amount of $1.3 trillion to cater to customer requests. This, in turn, bolsters savings upto 30% with chatbots.

The chatbot, no doubt, helps in minimizing the staff of the business with the implementation of productive mediums via the assistance of chatbot in comparison to application. The chatbot is equipped with the latest technology, eliminating related risks and giving spontaneous responses through predictive compliance.

Reports of BI Intelligence, The Chatbot explainer, 2016 quotes that, each sector is supposed to witness a reduction in bill in comparison to the use of applications in the CX/CSAT business.

What Make a Great Chatbot Experience for a Business?

According to the research of State of Service, it is quoted that 80% of decisions are confirmative when replaced with the effort of human. Also, the combination of human and AI-based chatbot crafts a suitable decision, with affirmative power in the context of business.

With the passage of years, the chatbot has successfully created its firm position in the market by catering to the customer in various domains by offering satisfactory resolutions.

The trust factor of a great chatbot experience can be analyzed by pondering over the stats of the State of Chatbot 2018: 75% of customers expect to receive an instant response from the chatbot.

According to reports of Drift, the chatbot is capable enough to give answers in 5 seconds for offering the satisfactory resolution, based on the type of product and business.

Final Words

Moreover, the chatbot is a reliable suite for servicing the need of the customer at an optimized level. The chatbot acts a helping hand in offering the optimum solution within the specified limit of time.

The chatbot works on advanced techniques and algorithms to cast a decisive element with minimal human intervention.

Chatbot FAQ’s

Advantages Our Clients Get by Availing Our AI Chatbot Services

  • Minimized customer service operational costs

  • High customer satisfaction levels

  • Bolstered brand image across platforms

  • competitive pricing

    Myriad brand advocates, online & offline

  • Excellent Word of Mouth

Offer prodigious chatbot solutions & watch your business breach boundaries!

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