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Prime Video is a streaming service. Basically it is only for prime customers. The service offers thousands of Prime Videos at no charge and Prime Members at no charge. In Amazon Prime Video, users can easily rent and buy movies and TV shows.

When the user subscribes to the prime video channel, the user subscribes to more than 100 channels. And when the user subscribes to Prime Video. It will get a huge library of TV shows and movies in many categories like romantic comedy, action, classic. Users can enjoy Amazon Prime Video by choosing their desired category. Amazon Prime also shares original movies and Prime Original series with the user. And it’s always exciting. Along with being an Amazon Prime video streaming service, it is also an award winner. As everyone knows, Amazon is an e-commerce web site. Because of which millions of people shop around the world. Amazon is the world’s largest and strongest E-commerce site.

Some time ago, Amazon launched a new service, Amazon Prime, which provides many additional features to users. Regarding this major feature of Amazon, many people still have the question that what is Amazon Prime? So let’s know what is this “Amazon Prime Service”.

Features of Amazon Prime Video

  1. Amazon Prime allows offline viewing by downloading selected content.
  2. It offers 4K Ultra HD mode.
  3. It is user friendly.
  4. It provides a high dynamic range.
  5. With the help of the search button, the user can easily search for the title that the user wants.

How to start Prime Video from

  1. Open web browser.
  2. Visit
  3. First login to your Amazon Prime Account.
  4. And then get a membership.
  5. Check that your membership has started.
  6. Then start browsing.
  7. Go to Prime Video to start browsing.
  8. Then look at the categories in the Prime video to find the prime title.
  9. Or you can also use search to find a specific title.

Prime Video Channel

Unlike the channels included in Prime Video, members can watch their favorite shows and movies from HBO, SHOWTIME, and multiple channels, with no cable or any app needed to be downloaded.

And the service is available for Prime Members at a very low price of $ 4.99- $ 14.99 / month. If the user is a key member then the channel that the user rents or buys. For those channels, the user will have to pay a very small amount.

How to download and install Prime Video?

  1. First open your device’s App Store.
  2. Know Prime Video App
  3. Then install Prime Video App.
  4. Open the Prime Video app.
  5. Register your device after installation – select Register on And enjoy Amazon Prime Video.

How to activate Prime Video?

Sign up for Amazon Prime Membership To enjoy Amazon Prime Video and its benefits, you need to purchase an Amazon Prime membership.

To avail this, the user has to pay only Rs. 29 per month. Has to be paid. Or you can buy this subscription according to user per year.

After purchasing the subscription, the user can avail Prime Video and all the services related to it at no extra charge.

Sign up to get a monthly or 1 year paid subscription on Amazon Prime Video :–

  1. Open the Amazon Prime Video app.
  2. And go to the
  3. Click sign-up button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Complete the payment process.
  6. Finally, user enjoy Amazon Prime Video.

When the user selects a free trial, they are accompanied by a 1-year subscription package, which automatically updates after your free trial. When the user selects a free trial, a fee of Rs 2 is deducted for their account information.